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Injuries force changes to my training!

2 Jun

I hyper-extended my left elbow last Tuesday and have been unable to spar or hit the bag or really use it at all in the past few days. I went to a sports orthopedist who diagnosed me with severely strained elbow tendons and recommended I delay the fight. I will not. I’ve been icing it down every night, getting sport massage daily and taking the anti-inflammatory medication the doctor prescribed for me.  

In the meantime, I’ve been focused on  my cardio, mid-section, head movement and footwork. While it’s always best to spar as much as possible, in this case I need to be creative and overcome the delay and use it to my advantage. I’m trying to do exactly that. I expect to be sparring again by the end of this week.

I’m really feeling the pain right now and trying to keep it together. 

Leadership lesson:  Sometimes the best laid plans go off track. When that happens we must try and overcome, adapt and  improvise.  

Weight: 188lbs



You can’t just want it…you have to “hurt” for it!

28 May

My fifth sparring session went better although I’m still worried about my endurance. I seem to be slowing far faster than I had in years past and it’s concerning me…a lot. I’ll pick up my cardio even more this week. On the other hand, I was sharper last night than I have been and I am starting to put things together and feel more in control. I’m seeing things much better as well and, overall, I’m feeling better. Since the last sparring session I’ve sparred with two other fighters, each with his own style, and one of them really worked me over until I figured him out. That was quite humbling.

Injury report: Lots of bumps and bruises. My elbows have been very badly hyper-extended and are extremely painful. I am soaking them in a ice bucket in en evenings but they are causing me real trouble….pain is just part of this process and I need to find a way to work around it.

Weight: 189lbs  (need 178lbs for tournament)

What’s next: You think you’ve trained your abs before. Watch next time for the abs workout of your nightmares.

Leadership lesson: Progress can be slow and painful…you just have to keep pushing.

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