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Hello, my name is Bruce Babashan.  I’m a coach. Coaching is my place in the world.

Before I was a coach I was a senior executive at one of the largest senior level executive search firm in the world for many years. I was the senior in-house coach and trainer, managing director, practice president and always among the elite producers. I built a highly successful consulting practice and over that time I learned  the psychology of success and the challenges, loneliness, responsibilities and rewards that come with leadership.

"Final Instructions"  In the corner seconds before our last fight together.

“Final Instructions” In the corner seconds before our last fight together.

Today I’m a professional coach and soon to be author.  I’ve coached Olympians and professionals at every level and my fighters have fought for titles at every level including world championships.  I’m on the board of Directors of the USIBA (United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association) . I am also a speaker and, as I said, soon to be published author in 2014.

My career in boxing was as a sparring partner….a VERY hard way to be in the sport. I’ve spent thousands of rounds in the ring preparing fighters and while painful I found it to be the best classroom for coaching I could imagine. I am still active in the ring but since turning 50 I’m less active than in years past.

I believe in the hero’s journey. I believe in redemption and comebacks. I believe in second chances…I’ve needed a few myself! I believe in greatness and the sacrifice that always precedes it.  When I was younger I wanted to be “a star” but later discovered that my calling in life is not to shine personally but rather to shine through others.  My personal greatness comes when I serve others as a mentor on their own hero’s journey.  It is what I was born to do. It is how I contribute and how I can leave my mark.  It is no coincidence I was in the executive search and team building business or why I am a boxing trainer.  Can there be a higher calling? I thank God for making this my path.

I’m an emotional guy. I pour myself into my work, my athletes and my family and friends. My emotions are never far from the surface and I am quick to tears, quick to praise and quick to temper. I am very demanding of my athletes yet often use the word love as an expression of my feelings when speaking with my athletes, family and friends. I believe in God. In fact, I depend on God a great deal in my daily life.  I am neither ashamed nor timid to admit my beliefs, however, I do not insist you share them.

What else: I was a good college baseball player and had tryouts with the Orioles and Brewers organizations. I was an assistant strength & conditioning coach at the University of Maryland. I have been a champion bodybuilder (heavyweight) and a competitive power-lifter.  I have spent thousands of rounds in the boxing ring as an official sparring partner preparing fighters for their upcoming bouts.  I hold a U.S. patent (pending).  As a young man I owned and operated my own surf shop (SunQuest…that was for the girls).

I love to challenge and push myself to the limits of my capabilities. My big goals for 2014 are to get my book published and run the Marine Corps Marathon.

I think that is pretty interesting….don’t you?


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